My Books in Cyber Space

While most of the responses to my previous post have been most sympathetic, most have appealed to me not to remove my books from the internet. Well, despite my protests to the contrary, you have had your way, with two of my books, at least.

Idly Googling one day, I discovered Not Wisely but Too Well, on a ‘free ebook’ website, without my authority, of course. There was no Contact Us tab, so I contacted Smashwords where I had made the book available for free for a few days. As far as they were concerned it had nothing to do with them. (By the way, I had put a notice in the book to indicate that it was only free for a limited time. It did nothing to deter the ‘free ebook’ website from purloining it, but as I had accidentally left the notice there it did prevent the book from being put on Smashword’s Premium program and so it was never distributed, a fact I didn’t discover until I decided to take it down.)

After resisting the pressure for years, with the creation of Amazon Australia, I thought I could finally make my books available as Kindles and get paid in AU Dollars. So, in anticipation of the book tour (which turned out to be a case of much promised and little delivered) I uploaded Suburban Terrors. Excited to hear that one person had actually bought the book, I tried to log into my seller account just to bask in my sales figures, only to discover that as far as Amazon was concerned, I didn’t exist and never had. My phantom hacker had struck again. Amazon has proven to be incapable and unwilling to help me reinstate my account. So not only can I not access my account, I can’t take the book down and neither will I get paid for any sales. It’s after all fortunate that it won’t sell much. I wouldn’t want Amazon to benefit too much from their incompetence.