A Fatal Tryst: The Bogle/Chandler Mystery

This story was also destined for the Scandals and Sensations collection. In this case a sensational murder mystery. On New Year’s Day 1963, a brilliant research scientist was found dead in flagranto delicto with a colleague’s wife, sparking off one of Australia’s most sensational unsolved murder cases. No cause of death was ever established, but motives and suspects abounded, from a jealous lover to the CIA.


Dr Gilbert Bogle

Australia, 1963. It was the height of the Cold War and the dawn of the Sexual Revolution. Early on the morning of January 1st in the respectable, middle-class Sydney suburb of Chatswood, two boys were combing the banks of the Lane Cove River in search of stray golf balls. What they found instead was to spark off one of the most sensational murder mysteries in Australian history.

On a narrow dirt track by the river the boys saw a man in a suit lying face down on the ground. They thought he was just a drunk sleeping it off after the New Year’s Eve revelries of the previous night, but when they found him in the same spot an hour later they went closer to investigate. There was a blue cast to the man’s pale features and blood had trickled from his right nostril. There was no sign of violence, but the man was decidedly dead. When the police arrived they made an even more bizarre discovery. The man was not fully clothed as he seemed, but naked from the waist down, his suit having been painstakingly placed over his body. Papers in his wallet identified him as Dr Gilbert Bogle. Read More…