The best laid plans…

You may be wondering why the recent flurry of activity on this website came to a sudden halt. Well, certain things happen in life that stop you in your tracks and I’ve come up against one. It may be a couple of months before I can recover and regroup, but I’ll certainly be back.

In the meantime have a squiz around my website. Take a look at my guest blogging, enjoy a short story, peruse an article or review, catch up on the serialisation of The Slave, or find out what makes me tick from an author interview.

And, of course, check out my books.

Although the virtual book tour for The Slave won’t go ahead as planned, the special offer of a free ebook copy if you sign up to the mailing list will continue. I will just ask your indulgence if it takes me a while to get back to you with the coupon number.