Helen Ross: Author Interview and Review

For the Suburban Terrors Virtual Book Tour today, I’m chatting with children’s author and poet, Helen Ross. Helen was intrigued about how the stories came about. I’m afraid I may have given away a few secrets. Later today Helen will be publishing a review. I do so hope she liked the book!

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What was the inspiration behind Suburban Terrors? What was the first story you wrote for this collection, and how did this come about? When you wrote that first story, did you plan for it to be part of a collection?

You could say that the inspiration for Suburban Terrors came from a story in my local paper. As a teacher of English to migrants, I’ve found that the local newspaper is a great resource. It’s free, you get a new one every week, and it gives you lots of information about the local area.

We were reading an article I found there about a car chase. The police were chasing a stolen car down a suburban street. The stolen car clipped another car that flipped over trapping the two elderly passengers, then crashed into a front fence. The driver leapt out of the car, jumped over a few back fences and tried to hide under a house that was being renovated. Unfortunately for him, he was found by the builder who kept him trapped there until the police came for him. Read More…